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All about ORA-600 lookup tool

ORA-600/ORA-7445 are generic internal error numbers for Oracle program exceptions.
Sometimes these errors are unique for your specific problem and cannot be found via search engines.
Using "ORA-600 lookup tool" may point your specific problem, faster and accurate.
The tool can be found in ORA-600 lookup tool - Metalink Document ID 153788.1

The flowing video will guide you the usage of the LookUp Tool (11:12) - Metalink Document ID 1082674.1

List of installed Database Patches

Looking for installed patches on the database I have always used
opatch lsinventory (since 9.2 and up)
From CPUJan2006 onwards you can just query
select * from registry$history; See Metalink Note:352783.1 for more information.

oracle 11.2 on ubuntu

installing or upgrading on Ubuntu is not supported but can be done
thanks to other bloggers it is well documented here


Changing database options

before oracle 11.2 we should have do this steps:
cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
make -f dv_off
relink allfrom now this is simpler and shorter
cd %ORACLE_HOME%/bin
chopt disable dvAll options are written in the usage syntax:

chopt [enable|disable] {option}

dm = Oracle Data Mining RDBMS Files
dv = Oracle Database Vault option
lbac = Oracle Label Security
olap = Oracle OLAP
partitioning = Oracle Partitioning
rat = Oracle Real Application Testing

ADRCI & Alert file

ADRCI & alert file

In Oracle version 11, no need to look for the location of alert log file, just use:
adrci exec="set home orcl ;show alert -tail -f" detailed practical usage can be found here