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Managing AWR in Active Data Guard Standby Databases

- Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) snapshots cannot be taken in a read-only standby environment.
- Performance monitoring and analysis is limited to basic STATSPACK functionality .

In Oracle Database 12.2, the AWR framework is enhanced to support capture of remote snapshots from any generic database, including Active Data Guard (ADG) databases. This framework is called the Remote Management Framework (RMF).
• A target catalog database collects snapshots from the remote databases (sources).
• Snapshots can be collected automatically or manually.
• AWR tables on the catalog database accumulate snapshot data from all sources via database links.
• Source databases must be registered on the catalog via new DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY.REGISTER_REMOTE_DATABASE API

These are the basic steps for setting up the RMF topology for generating AWR on the physical standby:
1. Configure database nodes to add to the topology.
2. Create the topology.
3. Register database nodes with the t…