spfile is created in folder DB_UNKNOWN

Using Linux RH4 64Bit with Oracle with OMF on ASM
when we tried to "create spfile from pfile;" the spfile was located in a wrong location:

The link was pointing to the right location.

After some struggles we found the solution in Note: 393932.1
We even managed to fix it by the note instructions:

1. Create a pfile
   SQL> create pfile='/tmp/pfile' from spfile'+DATA/DB_UNKNOWN/PARAMETERFILE/SPFILE.272.622486851';

Shutdown and startup mount using the restored spfile
   SQL> startup mount force pfile=/tmp/pfile

3. Restore
the spfile again to the correct location as DB_NAME is correctly set this time.
   RMAN> restore spfile;

4. Startup again using the spfile
   SQL> startup force

UNTIL the next time we had to use "create spfile ...;" the nightmare got back again. L
Eventually we decided to give up this solution and we are using spfile in a regular file system.


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