restoring a complete database via ASM in RAC environment

stop all cluster resources
Linux> sudo crsctl stop crs
create a temporary init.ora file
db_name=nplprd1  <== in RAC use instance name!!!!
Linux> export ORACLE_SID=nplprd1
RMAN> startup nomount pfile=/tmp/init.ora;
run {
allocate channel a DEVICE TYPE 'SBT_TAPE' PARMS  'ENV=(OB2BARTYPE=Oracle8,OB2APPNAME=nplprd,OB2BARLIST=nplprd_weekly)' FORMAT 'nplprd_weekly<nplprd_%s:%t:%p>.dbf'; # we are using Data Protector
restore spfile;
shutdown immediate;
startup nomount; # starting up using the restored spfile
restore controlfile;
alter database mount; # mounting with the restored controlfile
configure channel 1 device type disk clear; # Clear service information
configure channel 2 device type disk clear
restore database;
recover database;
alter database open RESETLOGS;
configure channel 1 device type sbt_tape connect 'sys/<password>@nplprd1'; # returning the definitions were cleared
configure channel 2 device type sbt_tape connect 'sys/<password>@nplprd2';
Found out that the spfile is located in DB_UNKOWN directory at the ASM, and fixed it by the following instructions


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