Ora-29701 When Starting ASM Instance

On Linux RedHat 4.0
On the first shutdown of non-RAC ASM, and then startup of the ASM we got the following error:

ORA-29701: unable to connect to Cluster Manager

It seems that CSS daemon does not want to start any more (occsd.bin is not launched).
I run manual restart of daemon and reconfiguration (with localconfig) of CSS registry (as root):

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/localconfig reset (CSS is running in the Oracle home of the ASM instance)

It solved the problem.

When I looked for the solution I found some other scenarios for the same error:

Metalink Note: 264235.1 - ORA-29701 On Reboot When Instance Uses Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
Metalink Note: ORA-29701 Not able to start the CSS for ASM


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