Silent Installation

Some times there are problems using installation with GUI, the reason can be:
1. Firewall
2. Unix security
3. Client software (missing or not working(
and maybe some more reasons
If your environment is cooperative helping you solve this - it is simple - go for it.
But if you are on your own and can't reach "the right guys" - do it yourself "Silently"
Look for the proper response file fits for your needs in /database/response/

Edit it and run the following command:
$ ./runInstaller -force -invPtrLoc /oraInst.loc -silent -noconfig -ignoreSysPrereqs -responseFile /database/response/enterprise.rsp

You can also run the installer without a response file as mentioned in Metalink Note 782918.1

$ ./runInstaller -silent -force -debug \
FROM_LOCATION="/mount/dvd/database/stage/products.xml" \
ORACLE_HOME="/u01/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1" \
ORACLE_HOME_NAME="Ora11gDb1" ORACLE_BASE="/u01/app/oracle" \
TOPLEVEL_COMPONENT='{"oracle.server",""}' \
INSTALL_TYPE="EE" n_configurationOption=3

Good luck


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