Oracle 12c Release 2 New Features for Active Data Guard

At Oracle Open World 2016 I collected the main improvements and changes
  are going to be implemented in Oracle Database 12 Release 2:

1.       Data Guard Creation with dbca, support automatic creation of Standby database and Far Sync instance  not for RAC (at this point)
dbca -silent -createDuplicateDB
    -PrimartDBConnectionString myprymary.domin:1523/chicago.domain
    -gdbName chicago.domain -sid boston
    -initParams instance_name=boston -createAsStandby
    -customScripts /tmp/test.sql

2.       Multi-Instance Redo Apply, Parallel, multi-instance recovery - when standby is RAC, all of its instances will use the MRP0 process for applying
3.       Supports Diagnostic Pack on Active Data Guard
 AWR+ADDM Reports for Standby are kept in the Primary
4.       Supports Tuning Pack and SQL Plan Analyzer
5.       Fast Failover - Data Guard take over session draining (switchover to dallas_dr wait;)
  Read-only sessions connected to Active Data Guard
a.       Remain connected during the failover/switchover
b.       Become Read/Write after Active Data Guard becomes the primary
6.       Password file is managed and transported via the Redo mechanizm
7.       Alternate prioritization - you will be able to group some destinations and give them a priority over some other destinations. This enable you to decide what will happen when the main destination is back (failback)
8.       Support In-Memory Column Store - redo data contain all the information needed for the standby to benefit from the In-Memory Column Store feature.



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