Oracle open world 2017 short summary

The main subject in this conference was Autonomous Database, it's engine is used by another buzzword called: Machine Learning. 

Oracle claim they are investing in autonomous to prevent data theft, but it seems as convenience for handling only one version in the cloud.

They will use the same "Machine Learning" engine that they used for the optimizer and memory management decisions (This engine is well known for bad decisions).
18c is an alias for and planned to be available:
  • Autonomous Database for Data Warehouses - by December 2017
  • Autonomous Database for OLTP – by June 2018
A companion solution for the "Machine Learning" will be used via the OEM (Cloud Control) to gather:
  • Infrastructure logs: Network, Server, Storage, VM, OS
  • Platform logs: Database, Java, Analytics, etc.
  • Application logs: ERP, CX, HCM, Custom, etc.
The logs will be gathered to detect and connect anomalous events.
SLA Guarantees 99.995% reliability and availability (less than 30 minutes a year) – i.e: online patching, upgrade, tuning and maintenance. 

Yossi Nixon 


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